Army Vet Falsely Accused of Murder!!!

Sean Kelley

When I was young I had a friend who drove me around in his baby blue Ford something or another. His brother drove me around in it the year before and passed it along to the next in line. We’d drive around and blast the Misfits and wind back up at his house, play guitar, and watch movies all night. His Mom would fix us biscuits and chocolate gravy in the mornings. He was my mate, my brother. His mother watched the nursery at the church where my father preached. His sister did the same after she left. His brother was the first person to ever drive to my house after school and say, “Hey, let’s go ride around town!”


His name is Sean Kelley. We parted ways as young ones often do. He joined the military. Left as a disabled veteran. On Oct. 17 two felons attacked him. Beat him till he had no other choice than to pull a knife. One is now dead, and Sean is up for murder 2nd degree in what is clearly a self defense case. His family’s funds are limited. Please, if you can help, here is a link. Defense attorney’s fees for a murder case are exorbitant.┬áHe’s a father, a husband, and a disabled veteran.